VAV/CAV VAV Controller EVC Series

The VAV/CAV package consists of 2 parts, namely the thermostat and the EVC which is a combination of an actuator and a controller.

The EVC’s are available in the stand-alone version (EVC) or in a BTL listed BACnet application specific version (EVCB). They are designed to control pressure independent single duct VAV/CAV or fan powered VAV with or without terminal reheat.

The controller incorporates flow sensor, electronics and firmware of the VAV/CAV package. The EVC mounts directly to the damper jackshaft on the side of the VAV box.

The attractive thermostat has a large LCD display with four push buttons for set point, occupancy override and programming

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The EVC is suitable for BACnet® or stand-alone
pressure independent VAV/CAV applications and fully
Change-over, heating and/or cooling with 4 stages ON/
OFF or TPM or 2 stages floating and 2 outputs 0-10 Vdc.


• Main supply 24 Vac
• Integrated actuator and control module
• Field configured VAV algorithms
• True differential pressure sensor
• BACnet® MS/TP communications (EVCB)
• Auto Baud Rate
• Micro-processor based backlit LCD thermostat
• BACnet® service port on the thermostat (EVCB)
• Simple air balancing and commissioning with the
thermostat keypad
• Copy Config function: Allows to push the configuration
to other EVCs over the BACnet network.



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