VAV Terminal Units

Asli Variable Air Volume (Vav) Terminal Units are volume flow rate controller for supply air on variable air volume system. These units are designed to control the airflow rate of conditioned air into an occupied space in response to a control signal from thermostat or Building Automation System (BAS). They could be used in stand
alone system or interfaced with LONWORKS or BACnet.

ASLI VAV terminal units consist of a casing with circular inlet spigot, rectangular outlet connection with integral of fiberglass with black matt tissue for noise reduction, damper blade for air volume control and cross flow differential pressure sensor for measuring air volume.

ASLI VAV terminal units also incorporate control components, (VAV controller actuator, and transformer) which are factory fitted. ASLI in-house testing facility ensured that all boxes that come out from the factory are calibrated and tested to match the controller of individual size. This allow the terminals to monitor the desired flow rate, as dictated by the thermostat or BAS, and compensate instantly for any changes in supply air pressure that might tend to alter the supply air volume. Hence, the net result is a pressure independent variable air volume system.

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Casing : 0.7 mm thickness galvanized steel.
Damper blade : Double layer 0.7 mm thickness galvanized steel with a sandwiched peripheral gasket.
Internal insulation : 25mm (1”) 32 kg/m³ (2 lb) density fiber glass with matt black tissue facing.
Bearing : Engineering plastic.
Hexagon shaft : Hexagon bar mild steel
Differential pressure sensor : Aluminum.

Air Volume Control Type

Variable Air Volume (VAV) Pressure Dependent Control Variable Air Volume (VAV)
Pressure Independent Control
Constant Air Volume (CAV)
Pressure Independent Control
• Without differential pressure sensor.
• Pressure dependent.
• No monitoring of air volume.
• With differential pressure sensor.
• Pressure independent.
• Air volume varies depending
on design flow and signal by
• Air volume could be monitored.
• With differential pressure sensor.
• Pressure independent.
• Air volume is constant (design
flow) provided that the minimum
static pressure is achieved.
• Air volume could be monitored.

• Oval shape damper for better flow management.
• Neoprene peripheral gasket to prevent leakage.
• Multi-point averaging inlet differential pressure sensor.
• 1”, 2 lbs fiberglass with black matt tissue internal insulation for noise reduction.
• Round inlet with beading for good inlet connection.
• Hexagon shaft for better grip mounting of actuator.
• Shaft indicator indicating damper position.
• Tube conceal (optional).
• Double layer heavy gauge damper blade.
• Protective metal shroud for control components mounting.
• Low pressure drop construction with round inlet and rectangular outlet- static regain.
• Can be used for Constant Air Volume (CAV) application.
• Rectangular discharge opening with slip and drive cleat duct connection.
• Optional internal perforated sheet or aluminum foil facing.
• Reheat coil available upon request.


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