About Asli Mechanical Sdn.Bhd

Who We Are

ASLI Mechanical Sdn. Bhd. began manufacturing grilles and diffusers in 1972 and having gained over 30 years experience, is recognised as one of the Malaysia leading manufacturers of flexible air duct, ceiling diffusers, supply air grilles, return air grilles, louvers, jet diffusers, floor diffusers, dampers, damper actuators, VAV terminal units and silencer.
Headquartered near Puchong, Selangor, Asli Mechanical Sdn.Bhd is a leading company in the field of airconditioning and ventilators for industrial applications. We are an extremely dynamic company committed to continuously provide our customers with innovative products and services. We have been designing and manufacturing ventilation equipment which improves indoor environments and contributes to energy conservation.

History and present

Manufacturer and Supplier

We were established in 1972 as a small company, which grew from a small air-conditioning manufacturer into a significant industrial competent player. We are a confident company with the clear goal of producing efficient, economical and quiet equipment that will provide you with comfort at minimal operating costs. We develop innovative ventilation systems ourselves, including designing, testing and manufacturing.

We have one of the most modern workplaces in our country and a team of exceptional specialists. We actively cooperate with professional institutes in the field of air conditioning and regularly exhibit at the most important industry events, where we discover current trends and establish new contacts.

Company philosophy

Top products and customer care

Thanks to our unique approach, our products meet the strictest quality and legislative criteria, are highly functional and impress with their original design. They stand-out from a number of comparable products on the market and bring significantly higher added value to customers.
Last but not least, our customers appreciate the care we devote to them. We create long-term partnerships with our customers, ensuring exceptional service and support for all our product lines.


“We want to rank among the top manufacturers of airconditioning and ventilation products suppliers in the world. And we will do our best to maintain these positions. Our vision is to build a world-wide brand that will become a symbol for creating quality environments, one that benefits the lives of people everywhere.”


“We are one of the stable Malaysian developers, producers and suppliers of ventilation products. We bring our own know-how to create innovative and quality products to world markets. We are able to accomplish this thanks to a team of creative and highly knowledgeable specialists, professional management and our in-house laboratory.”