SW-2T Fan Type Swirl Ceiling Diffuser

ASLI SW-2T is a type of diffuser with fixed radially arranged air control blades. This unique type of slots provide high induction “vortex” air flow projecting horizontally from the face of diffuser. This swirling air flow produce a diffuse air distribution, with no stationary air jet resulting excellent uniformity of temperature in air conditioned space. SW-2T is suitable in area of high heat load where large quantities of cool air must be rapidly mixed with room air in a short time. The SW-2T series can also be use as a return and exhaust type device.

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Diffuser Face : 0.7mm galvanized steel.
Outer Frame : 0.7mm galvanized steel.


Surface Finish

Baked white powder coated as standard.
Others available upon request.

Standard size Unit : mm

595 x 595 / 603 x 603


    • Diffuser face can be open without using any tools (optional).
    • Volume control damper is adjustable without removing ceiling panel.
    • Swirl air pattern provides high induction ratio.
    • High coanda effect reduces direct-throw of air on occupants.
  • Standard sizes available for T-bar ceiling on metric or imperial size.


C1 Radial fan blade damper
C2 Crown damper
D2 Adapter
G1 Opposed blade damper
PB-S Plenum box side entry
PB-T Plenum box top entry


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