SPRD Single Balde Pressure Relief Damper

ASLI SPRD Single Blade Pressure Relief Dampers are designed to maintain certain amount of pressure in a pressurized zone (staircase, operation theatre, etc). The amount of pressure maintained in the pressurized zone is adjustable by the counterweight on the SPRD. The counter weight is hidden behind the blade for aesthetical purposes.

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Frame: Galvanized steel, 0.7mm thickness.
Blade: Galvanized steel, 0.7mm thickness.

Standard Size (W x H)

• N250mmX250mm.
• Other sizes available upon request.


• Single blade design.
• Excellent aesthetical appearance.
• Location of the counter weight is adjustable to control the inlet pressure.
• Counter weight is located behind the blade.
• Vertical (wall) installation.
• Damper must be installed with blade opens in up and down direction.


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