SJS-T Jet Slot Ceiling Diffuser

ASLI SJS-T is a type of diffuser provides more airflow and ease of installation compared to conventional linear diffuser.

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Frame : 1.2mm galvanized steel.
Pattern controller vane : 0.7mm galvanized steel.

Surface Finish

Frame : Baked white powder coated as standard.
Pattern controller vane : Baked black powder coated as standard.

Standard size Unit : mm

600 (2’) / 1200(4’)
Others avaiable upon request


• Provide more airflow than conventional linear diffusers.
• Multi-function as either supply, return or exhaust air in one diffuser, reduce
complex appearance.
• Consist of pattern controller vane for adjustable flow pattern.
• Two frame types are available: angular or flat type.
• Various slot width are available to meet desired performance.
• Deliver high performance with minimal visibility air distribution design.


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