NAFA 5Nm 2-Point On-Off Control Spring Return Actuator

ASLI NAFA 5Nm 2-Point On/Off Control Spring Return Damper Actuator Series are designed specifically for application into the HVAC market. ASLI high quality damper actuators are developed for use with air damper, butterfly valve, characterized ball valve and other devices that required a fail safe function. The actuator motorized the damper or other devices when power on and spring back to it original position when power is cut off.

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• 2 points on/off control.
• Damper neck size 0.75 m²
• Voltage AC/DC 24V and AC 230V available.
• Universal Spindle Clamp for easy direct mounting.
• Shaft dimension Ø10…16 mm / 7…11 mm square.
• Minimum Shaft Length 40mm.
• Anti-rotation bracket provided for stability.
• Adjustable angle of rotation.
• Selectable direction of rotation by reversing actuator.
• 1 adjustable SPDT auxiliary switches when requested.
• Energy saving at end stops.
• Actuators with 1m cable connection.

NAFA 5Nm Model Selection Table

Torque Running Time Power Supply Auxiliary Switches Model/Type
5 Nm 50…70 sec
Spring Back <20 sec
AC/DC 24 V No
1 x SPDT
NAFA 1-05
NAFA 1-05S1
5 Nm 50…70 sec
Spring Back <20 sec
AC 230 V ± 10% No
1 x SPDT
NAFA 2-05
NAFA 2-05S1



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