NACA 20Nm 2-Point & 3-Point On-Off Control Actuator

ASLI damper actuators are are especially designed and produced for applications in the HVAC systems with latest Switzerland technology. It has been developed for use with air damper, butterfly valve, characterized ball valve and globe valve with the use of special adapter.

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• Torque 20 Nm
• Damper neck size 4.0 m²
• Power supply AC/DC 24V and AC 230V
• Universal adapter Ø12…20 mm round / 11….14mm square
• Manual over-ride push button when required.
• Selectable direction of rotation CW/CCW
• 2 adjustable SDPT auxiliary switch when requested
• Actuator with 1m cable connection

NACA 20Nm Model Selection Table

Torque Running Time Power Supply Auxiliary Switches Model/Type
20 Nm 70…120 sec AC/DC 24 V No NACA 1-20
AC/DC 24 V ± 10% 2 x SPDT NACA 1-20S
20 Nm 70…120 sec AC 230 V ± 10% No NACA 2-20
2 x SPDT NACA 2-20S



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