RM Louver Type Return Air Grille

ASLI RM series is an architectural exterior decoration louver with the aero-dynamics blade design.

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Frame : Extruded aluminium A6063.
Blade : Extruded aluminium A6063.
Frame : 0.7mm Galvanized steel.
Blade : 0.5mm Galvanized steel.

Surface Finish

Baked white powder coated as standard.
Other available upon request.


All sizes are available upon request.


C1 Radial fan Blade damper
C2 Crown damper
D2 Adapter
G1 Opposed blade damper
IS Insect nettings


• RM weather louver type return air grille is an architectural exterior decoration
louver with its aero-dynamics blade design.
• Used commonly in outdoor air application, i.e. fresh air & exhaust air where
rain-proof is a concern. It is also used in door as return air application both
mounted on ceiling and wall.
• Blade spacing ranges from 33mm to 42mm.
• The grille will come in more sections for blade length that is more than 600mm.
• Approximately 50% free area.


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