KD-T Non Return Damper

Non return damper (KD-T) is designed for automatic shut off of individual section of air conditioning system. In a multi fan installation, KD-T prevents back draught through the non operating fans. Contemporary styling features blades that overlap the frame for optimum
leakage proof. The damper’s aesthetical appearance is maintained by sturdy, corrosion resistant aluminum and galvanized steel construction.

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Frame: Galvanized steel, 1.2mm thickness.
Blade: Aluminum sheet, 1.0mm thickness.

Blade Dimension Limits

Maximum blade lengh = 1000mm
Maximum blade width = 170mm

Surface Finish

Frame: Mill galvanized.
Blade: Mill aluminum.

Temperature Limits

-40°C to +93°C

Blade Action

Parallel blade.

Connection Type

Slip joint (S) or flange joint for TDC (T).

Operational Pressure

• Blades start to open at 0.10 inch w.g. operational pressure.
• Blades fully open at 0.15 inch w.g. operational pressure.



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