FSD60/MFSD60 Multi-blade Fire Damper

The ASLI Multi-Blade Fire Dampers have been developed to provide the versatility required for today’s
complex and sophisticated fire protection and safety building system. There are two types of fire dampers: Fire damper with fusible link (FSD60) and motorized fire damper (MFSD60).

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Frame: Galvanized steel, 1.5mm thickness.
Blade : Galvanized steel, 1.5mm thickness.
Jamb seal: Stainless steel plate, compression type.
Blade seal: Silicone strip. (Optional)

Surface Finish

Mill galvanized.


Bronze bush pressed into frame.


Hexagon bar mild steel.

Blade Actions

FSD60: Parallel type
MFSD60: Parallel type

Blade Dimension Limits

Maximum blade length = 1000mm
Maximum blade width = 160mm

Fire Damper (FSD60)

During fire, the FSD60 provides the quick closure respone by means of tentioned spiral spring mounted at the side when the fusible link fuses at 74°C (165°F).

Motorized Fire Damper (MFSD60)

During fire, a signal will be sent from sensor or control unit to the actuator of MFSD60 Upon receiving the signal, MFSD60 will be closed by means of actuator.
MFSD60-1T: Actuator mounted exposed at the side of the fire damper.
MFSD60-2T: Actuator mounted in a compartment at the corner of the fire damper.
MFSD60-3T: Actuator mounted in a compartment at the side of the fire damper.
MFSD60-4T: Actuator mounted in an extrusion fitting.


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