DQ Directional Ceiling Diffuser

ASLI DQ is a type of diffuser with adjustable air control blades. This unique design focuses on the appearance of the diffuser, as well as the performance of the diffuser. It can perform 2-way, 3-way or 4-way air flow projecting horizontally from the face of diffuser to avoid direct throw to occupant’s zone.

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Diffuser : 1.0mm Galvanized steel.
Guide Vane Holder : ABS Plastic.
Guide Vane : Aluminium Extrusion.

Surface Finish

White powder coated, oven baked as standard.
Others available upon request.

Standard size Unit : mm

595 x 595 / 603 x 603


• The direction of air flow can set at 2, 3 or 4 ways.
• Balance between aesthetic appearance and performance.
• Horizontal throw reduces direct-throw of air on occupants.
• Standard size available for T-bar ceiling on metric or imperial size.


C1 Radial fan blade damper
C2 Crown damper
D2 Adapter
G1 Opposed blade damper
PB-S Plenum box side entry
PB-T Plenum box top entry



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