Bypass VAV Terminal Units

ASLI Bypass Terminal Unit, model ST6000 is a single duct variable air volume pressure dependent air terminal unit, designed for use with constant volume low and medium pressure packaged air handling systems or roof top air conditioning units. ST6000 handles a constant supply of primary air through its inlet and bypass the excess air through the pressure relief damper into the plenum return when the pressure in the terminal unit increases. The supply air volume is controlled by damper blade which responds to the room thermostat in the occupied space to meet the cooling load.

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Casing : 0.7mm galvanized steel
Damper blade : Double layer 0.7mm galvanized steel with a sandwiched peripheral gasket
Inlet balancing damper : 0.7mm galvanized steel
Internal Insulation : 5mm PE foam (25mm, 32kg/m3 density fiberglass with matt black tissue facing is optional)
Bearing : Engineering plastic
Hexagon shaft : Hexagon bar mild steel
Pressure relief damper blade : 0.5mm galvanized steel


• Round inlet with beading for good inlet connection.
• Inlet balancing damper for primary air volume control.
• Pressure relief damper with adjustable counterweight.
• 5mm PE foam internal insulation.
• Neoprene peripheral gasket to prevent leakage.
• Hexagon shaft for better grip mounting of actuator.
• Shaft indicator indicating damper position.
• Double layer heavy gauge damper blade.
• Rectangular discharge opening with slip and drive cleat duct connection.


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