SWV Variable Swirl Jet Diffuser

ASLI SWV Variable Swirl Jet Diffusers are applicable for spaces with a height of more than
3.8m, such as airport, waiting hall in stations, theatre, stadium, industrial workshop, business hall, large conference room, reception hall, shared space in department store, and etc.
SWV variable swirl jet diffusers adopts hydrokinetics principle for the design of its blade, by which the blade pushes the current by means of swirl with a certain initial velocity to achieve a larger throw distance, bigger space covered by a jet, and more efficient convection current effect. Meanwhile the blade could change its quadrant angle to adapt to different conditions by blowing rotating current of horizontal, slant, and vertical directions.

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Surface Finish

Baked white powder coated as standard

Standard Sizes

315 / 400 / 630 / 800


• Averaging air blowing, and variable shape of air current.
• Easy installation; connected and hung directiy with hooks


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