SLR-CP/SLR-CHP Circular Silencers

ASLI Circular Silencer with pod (SLR-CP/ SLR-CHP) is designed to improve the acoustic performance of circular silence. They are used
to cater in those cases where additional noise is required to be treated. ASLI circular silencer can be easily mounted directly to equipment without adaptor, which improves its competency in the
market. However, with the improvement of its acoustic performance, pressure drop should be taken into consideration when SLR-CP or SLRCHP is used.

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Outer casing : 1.0mm-1.2mm thickness galvanized steel
Baffle : 0.5mm-0.7mm perforated galvanized steel
Infill : Acoustic composite

Surface Finish

Mill galvanized as standard
Painting is available upon request.

Connection Join

Customized flanged joint.

Nominal Length unit:mm

SLR-CP : Same as diameter of silencer.
SLR-CHP : Double of diameter of silencer.
Others available upon request


• Specially designed for installation friendly
• Customized flanged joint
• Better acoustic performance


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