SLLS Linear Ceiling Diffuser

ASLI SLLS is a type of diffuser combine a high air change rate capacity with maximum flexibility in air pattern and volume control. It offers unobtrusive good looks together with functional efficiency.

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Frame : Aluminium extrusion
Blade : Roll forming blade

Surface Finish

Baked white powder coat as standard
Pattern controller vane is black colourbond.

Standard size Unit : mm

600 (2’) / 1200 (4’)
Others avaiable upon request


  • SLLS linear diffuser can be used in T-bar ceiling suspension system & other ceiling types as well.
  • The diffuser incorporates curved blade pattern controller for adjustable of air distribution.
  • Model SLLS-1 has a 90˚ mitred corner connection
  • Linear diffusers that come with plenum boxes are known as SLLSB.
  • Approximately 38% free area when blades are fully open.
  • Available in 1 slot to 6 slots.


PB Plenum Box


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