SD-T Smoke Damper

SD-T smoke dampers are low leakage damper constructed with triple V-groove blades designed to
be used in ducts that penetrate smoke rated barriers. The SD-T may be installed vertically or horizontally of a smoke barrier and is designed for use in systems with airflow in either direction with velocity up to 2000fpm and pressure up to 4” w.g.

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Frame: Galvanized steel, 1.5mm thickness.
Blade: Galvanized steel, 1.5mm thickness.
Blade Seal: Silicone strip (Fire resistance up to 225 °C
70h under ASTM D865).
Jamb Seal: Reinforced stainless steel plate,
compression type.
Bearing: Bronze bush pressed into frame.
Axles: Hexagonal bar mild steel.

Surface Finish

Mill galvanized

Blade Action

Parallel blade

Blade Dimension Limits

• Maximum blade length = 1000mm
• Maximum blade width = 160mm

SD-T Feature

• Tested in accordance to UL555S. Leakage rating
Class 3.
Blade edge seal of silicone strips seal up the gap
between the blades and stoppers when the damper is
fully close.
• Jamb seal of reinforced stainless steel plates seal up
the gap between the blades and side frame when the
damper is fully close.
• Blade edge seal of silicone strips could withstand
temperature up to 250°C
• Angled stopper with single longitudinal grooves for
better seal purpose.
• Low air/smoke leakage even in high static pressure.
• Rigid ‘triple-vee’ blade design
• Linkages are concealed in the frame to prevent
malfunctioning caused by improper installation.
• Vertical (wall) or horizontal (ceiling) installation.
• Closed by means of damper actuator.
• Blades installed horizontally.


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