PRD Pressure Relief Damper

ASLI Pressure Relied Dampers (PRD) are designed to maintain certain amount of pressure in a pressurized zone (staircase, operation theatre, etc). The amount of pressure maintained in the pressurized zone is adjustable by the counterweight on the PRD.

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Frame: Galvanized steel, 1.2mm thickness.
Blade: Aluminum sheet, 0.7mm thickness.

Surface Finish

Frame: Mill galvanized.
Blade: Mill aluminum.

Temperature Limits

-40°C to +93°C


Blade mounted with adjustable weight

Blade Action

Parallel blade.

Connection Type

Slip joint (S) or flange joint for TDC (T)

Standard Size (W x H x D) unit:mm

300 X 300 X150
400 X 300 X 150
400 X 400 X 150
*Other sizes are available upon request


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