PDDC Perforated Circular Displacement Diffuser

Perforated circular displacement diffuser is a low velocity diffuser for floor installation. PDDC consists of a detachable front panel and removable inner structure. The fixed flow equalization casing allows the air uniformly distributed.

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Perforated aluminum sheet frame.
Perforated galvanized steel sheet frame.
Perforated stainless steel sheet frame.

Surface Finish

Baked white powder coat as standard.


Comply with requirement.


  • Supply air is brought into the space through the front
    panel of the PDDC. Normally the supply air temperature
    is set lower than the room temperature; therefore, the
    incoming air moves down to the floor level and gradually
    pervades the occupied zone. The flow pattern is circular.
    Workstation can be located close to the PDDC.


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