LTD Light Troffer Ceiling Diffuser

ASLI Light Troffer Diffusers (LTD) are designed to fit virtually any available light fixture with air diffuser capabilities. The coordination of air distribution and lighting into a single, efficient ceiling unit, giving a
pleasing appearance. The LTD deflectors direct the supply air away from the light fitting as to prevent condensation. LTD are excellent for VAV system as they have high induction ratio and strong horizontal air pattern. Standard features include volume damper and locking tabs to hold the diffuser to the light fixture.

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LTD-S-S Single sided/side inlet
LTD-D-S Double sided/side inlet
LTD-D-T Double sided/top inlet
Part Standard Optional
Casing 0.5mm
Galvanized Steel
Galvanized Steel
Blade 0.5mm
Galvanized Steel
Insulation PE foam Fiberglass

Surface Finish

Mill galvanized
Matt black on the slot diffuser face.

Standard size Unit : mm

Ø 100 / Ø 125 / Ø 150 / Ø 200


• Custom manufactured to fit all air handling light fixtures.
• Volume control damper at the inlet to control air volume.
• Air pattern adjustable from horizontal to vertical through deflectors.
• Oval inlet available.
• Supply or return air application.
• Internal insulation to prevent condensation.


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