CK Jet Diffuser

ASLI CK Jet Diffusers are made out of a fixed outer frame and adjustable concentric rings,
which specially designed for high volume and long throw applications. The concentric rings can be adjusted 45° upward and downward or leftward and rightward depending on the installation position to control the direction of airflow. CK jet diffusers are suitable to be installed on exposed ductwork or surface mounted in stadium, factory, theatre and etc.

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Outer frame : Aluminum
Concentric rings : Aluminum

Surface Finish

Baked white powder coated as standard

Standard Sizes

150 / 200 / 250 / 300 / 350 / 400


C1 Radial fan blade damper HDR-T Round volume control damper


• Economical.
• Long throw capability.
• High air flow capability.
• Suitable for exposed ductwork or surface mounted.
• Suitable for ceiling or wall installation.
• Air flow direction is adjustable up to 45° upward and
downward or leftward and rightward.


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