FLD Floor Diffuser

ASLI FLD Round Floor Diffusers are specially designed for use in raised floor air distribution systems, where the floor cavity is used as a pressurized supply air plenum. FLD produces a high velocity swirl air pattern with the guidance of guide vane in the basket. Maximum comfort level could be achieved by producing high induction rates of room air with the design of FLD. Aesthetically appealing FLD is accessable by removing the diffuser core to remove the dust in the dust tray.

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Diffuser core : Aluminum die casting.
Outer ring : Aluminum die casting.
Housing : 0.7mm thickness galvanized steel.
Basket : 0.7mm thickness galvanized steel.
Plenum Box Internal Insulation : Fiber glass, 25mm, 32kg/m³.
Blade : 1.0mm thickness Aluminum extrusion.

Surface Finish

Diffuser Core : Mill Finished
Outer ring : Mill Finished
Housing : Powder coated
Basket : Powder coated

Standard Models

FLD-S : Straight line floor diffuser with basket.
FLD-C : Curve line floor diffuser with basket.


• Used in raised floor air distribution systems.
• Swirl air pattern provides high induction rates of room air.
• Suitable for high ceiling air conditioning system
• Air volume can be controlled by the butterfly damper or the basket blade.
• Dust tray catches anything that might fall through the diffuser face and is removable for cleaning.
• Aluminum die casting diffuser core provides high strength to withstand high weight load.
• Internal insulation to attenuate noises and prevents condensation for FLD-PB.
• The FLD-PB housing can be removed by simply rotating the housing and disengaged at the collar.
• FLDB can be installed without removing the floor tiles.

Standard size unit:mm

FLD-S : ø200, ø250
FLD-C : ø250


PB Plenum Box


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