EVC Series

The VAV package consists of 2 parts, namely the thermostat and the EVC which is a combination of an actuator and a controller.
The EVC’s are available in the stand-alone version (EVC) or in a BTL listed BACnet application specific version (EVCB).They are designed to control pressure independent single duct VAV or fan powered VAV with or without terminal reheat. The controller incorporates flow sensor, electronics and firmware of the VAV package. The EVC mounts directly to the damper jackshaft on the side of th VAV box. The attractive thermostat has a large LCD display with four push buttons for set point, occupancy override and programming.

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  • The EVC is suitable for BACnet® or stand-alone
    pressure independent VAV applications and fully
  • Change-over, heating and/or cooling with 4 stages
    ON/OFF or TPM or 2 stages floating and 2 outputs
    0-10 Vdc.


• Main supply 24 Vac
• Integrated actuator and control module
• Field configured VAV algorithms
• True differential pressure sensor
• BACnet® MS/TP communications (EVCB)
• Auto Baud Rate
• Micro-processor based backlit LCD thermostat
• BACnet® service port on the thermostat (EVCB)
• Simple air balancing and commissioning with the
thermostat keypad
• Copy Config function: Allows to push the configuration
to other EVCs over the BACnet network.


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