AD Access Door

ASLI Access Doors (AD) are designed as an easy re sealable way of gaining access to rigid air conditioning ducts for equipment maintenance and cleaning purposes. Equipment such as dampers, VAV terminals, filters, heaters can be accessible through ASLI Access

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Frame : 0.6 – 0.8mm thickness galvanized steel.
Panel : 0.6 – 0.8mm thickness galvanized steel.
Seal : Air tight gasket.
Door Lock : Aluminum.
Insulation : 25mm, 32kg/m³ fiber glass.

Standard Sizes unit:mm

295 x 135 / 295 x 205 / 430 x 295 / 555 x 425 / 705 x 555
Custom size are available without round corners.


• Gasket formed to ensure an air tight seal between panel and frame.
• Sash fasteners lock the panel securely on the frame and unlock to remove the panel easily. The design of the hook and
cam provides an airtight seal between the panel and the frame.
• Internal insulation is sealed within the panel to attenuate noises and prevents condensation, heat lost or gained.


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